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February 25, 2013

Coming soon!

Today I am happy to announce my shop Simply Entwined. I have been working on crocheted earrings & necklaces, which will be great gifts for friends, and family.

~Why I'm opening a shop~

Lace earrings: Inspiration for a DIY?  #Lace_Earrings #DIY I was on Pinterest one day, when I came upon this pic. I became so inspired that I decided to make my own version. The ones in the photo are lace cut outs, but I didn't have any lace and I really love to crochet, so my earrings didn't turn out quite like these, instead they turned out a little more simple (I think this is why I chose the name Simply Entwined).

For Christmas last year I gave some to my older sister, Grace, and she loves them! Family & friends were all jealous of her uniquely designed earrings and asked her where she bought them, and of course, she told them I made them for her.  And this is one of many things that helped to encourage me, to open my shop.

I will be putting on pictures soon, so please keep on reading tell next week

~Sarah Elizabeth

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