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 About Sarah

  Hello there, my name is Sarah Elizabeth. I'm a home-schooled young lady who loves the LORD Jesus, very much!!

I come from a bigger family than most, in fact, I have 11 sisters, and 4 brothers, but I'm one of the youngest I only have five younger siblings ; ).

I'm a stay at home daughter, who loves anything old fashioned. I thank my parents for listening to God, and teaching  me from a young age to listen to Him too.

God has blessed me, and my family so much over the years, and I want to thank Him everyday for everything!

Here are a few of the things I enjoy doing in my spare time: knitting, blogging, sewing, writing a novel ( I'm working on it with my brother Ryan, and two of my younger sisters) singing, dancing, laughing, talking, learning, watching little ones, helping my parents and others, emailing my Anya, and much, much more. 

 About Nicole

I am a homeschooled, 18-year-old Evangelical Christian. I'm also the seventh of 15 siblings. 
My hobbies are: sewing, illustrating, and poetry. The latter of the three I'm most fond of, probably because its the least irksome. I also love to take walks, ride my bike, read, dance to goofy music, and listen to old radio shows like, "Lights Out" and "The Shadow". Things I wish I could do are: tap dance, speak French, and play the piano.
  I don't really have an "idol", but just to make my profile sound complete, I'll jot down a few well-known and a few not so well-known people I hold in high respect. First, Charles Coffin for his contribution to historical literature, Gladys Aylward, who was a missionary during WII, Christina Rossetti, for her poetry, and last but not least, my wonderful parents.

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  1. David Hayes7/12/12

    Dear Sweet Sarah,

    I love you sweet-heart so very much!



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