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October 8, 2012

Beautiful Biblical Modesty


Anna Sophia & Elizabeth
I listened to Anna Sophia & Elizabeth Botkin's first session of Reclaiming beauty. It was really interesting. They talked about how they used to wear frumpy, baggy clothes because they didn't want to be fixed up like "worldly women." The time when they were in this stage was the same time they were writing So much more.
   Listening to Reclaiming Beauty made me think of the way I thought of modesty. God made beauty, and he created us in his image. So why can't we be modest in the way we dress? We are God's daughters; we are supposed to be modestly adorned with His glory. We are supposed to be beautiful by God's standards, not by the world's.

People don't think being modest is very beautiful. They think you're being self- righteous, snobbish, or else you're a part of some kind of a cult!

What is modesty/femininity? 

I have read enough blogs to know what people think about modesty. There are those who think it doesn't matter what you wear, but what's in the heart, and that you shouldn't judge them because they wear skin-tight pants, and that they aren't bothering, or hurting anybody. And then there are those who believe that it isn't just what's in the inside, but what is on the outside appearance also, because they know that there are those who want to be modest but just don't know where to begin, or who are just to lazy to start!

I personally am not one to be negligent about dressing modestly. I love anything modest! I love skirts, especially skirts that are pretty and feminine. But sometimes I get pretty discouraged, because I live in a place where there aren't many large families like mine. I don't often see a young lady wearing skirts or being modest even in the way they act. Once-in-a-while I will see some nicely dressed ladies walking into Wal-mart or at the Goodwill; but it's rare. 


“You’re a Temple” 

By Abigail from Pearls and Diamonds.

What can I say or do to change your mind?
Your body is not a gift for all mankind.

You’re a temple of the Living God.
Your heart should be His altar stone.
Your life should be the sacrifice
Offered to God alone.

The beauty God gives is not meant to be shared
With each wandering eye by the outfits that you wear.

God clothed His whole temple
In linen and hangings of blue
In velvet and scarlet.
You should be covered, too.

The figure you have is not your light to share.
You will not turn eyes to God by tempting stares.

Your body is a sacred thing
Holy vessels are covered
In reverence and honor,
Because they are beloved.

Keep the abode of God unstained by sin
So the glory of God may be contained within.

You’re a temple of the Living God.
Your heart should be His altar stone.
Your life should be the sacrifice
Offered to God alone.

 What do our brothers in Christ think?

1Timothy 2:9-10 says:
9In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with braided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array; 10But (which becometh women professing godliness) with good works.
Some people take these verses the wrong way.  But what do our brothers in Christ think? There is a difference when a young man sees a lady in a skirt rather than pants. Don't you think it's stumbling? Here is a video on modesty:
It does matter what you wear! Because even if you are modest on the inside, a young man who sees you for a minute won't know what you really are! And that is why I think it is so important to be conscious of the way we dress. Because you may not know how much you are helping them by doing this. If you want to know what guys think go to Modesty Survey.

I really would like to write some more now, but I have to go help my mommy with dinner! :) 

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