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August 31, 2012

Good bye August

Whose wavy flight and cheery whistle

Adorn the wastes o'ergrown with thistle;

No field so foul with noisome weeds
But there the dainty goldfinch feeds,
And greets with song the fervent rays

That flood high noon of August days.
 The Goldfinch. — Charles C. Abbott.

Is it a monster bee,
Or is it a midget bird, Or yet an air-born mystery
That now yon marigold has stirred,

And now on vocal wing

To a neighbor bloom is whirred,

In an aery ecstasy, in a passion of pilfering?

Ah ! 'tis the humming-bird,
Rich-coated one,
Ruby-throated one,

That is not chosen for song,

But throws its whole rapt sprite
Into the secrets of flowers

The summer days along,

Into most odorous hours, Into a murmurous sound of wings too swift for sight!
Richard Burton.

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  1. Hello, Sarah!
    I stumbled across your blog about a week ago while I was poking around on another blog, and wanted to let you know that I love the beauty and elegance reflected here! Through the encouraging posts, quotes, poems, etc..., shared here I am greatly inspired in my daily walk with the King of Kings! It is always thrilling to find other young women who love God and are passionate about making Him first in their lives! Thank you for sharing your blog, and please know that reading it is an extra bit of sunshine in my day!
    another Sarah. ;-)


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