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November 28, 2011

Random things

    Yesterday my older sister, Nicole, started her blog. My brother and I have been trying to explain how it works. She learns pretty quickly. She wants her blog to be for poems and art she makes. Here is one of her poems: 

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The Whisper

As the o'er spreading winds congeal,
And the stillness that o'er roams
Like a blackbird's wing, 
T'hide the morning's light,
Comes a still, soft whisper.
Gently it sings a melodious song,
Enchanting my mind with thought--
As I lay my lashes down to sleep--
For its power to consume with peace.

O'er and o'er it soothingly sings,
Capturing my brain with unspoken dreams,
That unfold glories untold and,
Secrets of heart's enduring love.

But slowly, as the ebbing  day a pears,
The still, soft whisper grows faint;
And my mind wonders towards the light,
That laces through my lingering thoughts.

My eyes flutter open like a fan,
And my dreams linger not,
For the still, soft whisper has taken them-
Taken them to the void of night.

Here is a link to her blog.


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