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May 25, 2011

{Being Feminine Part 1}

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Today I want share some tips on Femininity. Some of you might already do this but I thought it would be helpful.  

You are well Groomed if...

1. Your face, hair, hands, feet, and body are all clean.

2. Your nails are neat and well shaped.

3. Your hair is clean, neatly combed, and becomingly arranged.

4. Your make-up is applied neatly and appropriately.

5. Your clothes are in good shape, neatly ironed, and well chosen.

6. Your shoes are neat and in good condition.

7. Your accessories are neat, clean, and also well chosen.

Whats your choice of colors for Summer?

If you like to wear Red...

Avoid too many all-red garments and accessories--for example, a red dress, red shoes, red hand bag.
Try to wear black, white, grey, or yellow with your red. Mix and match appropriately.

If you like to wear Brown...

Wear a darker-brown with a lighter-brown shade.                                                                      
Wear a bright green blouse with pink flowers, or a plaid green with a little orange in it.

If you like to wear Blue...

Try to wear white, grey, black, or orange.
If you wear a white blouse, black skirt, and a blue sweater. Thats a very good match!



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  1. I love your blog


  2. Thank you! Ellie

  3. Anonymous30/7/11

    I love your blog too! But mostly I love you!!!




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